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Welcome to the Dolby Axon support center. Please use the links on the left to help you learn more about Dolby Axon and to help you troubleshoot any related problems.

If you have any questions or feedback, you have the following options:

  • For feedback, post your ideas on
  • For problems with the product, or also feedback, use the Help->Report Error mechanism in the Dolby Axon desktop client.
  • You can also drop us an email at

General Questions

Can I use Dolby Axon in a virtual machine such as VMWare?

Dolby Axon can run in a virtual machine but the performance is not great and audio problems can occur.

Can my friends use my permanent chats when I'm offline?

Yes, they can. Your permanent chats are always available to the friends that you have invited, whether you are online or not.

Does the limit of 50 users in a chat include all invited users or is the limit for users currently active in the chat?

The limit of 50 users only applies to the number of simultaneous users in the chat at one time. The limit for invited users is 150.

How do I change or reset my password?

Use the Change Password item in the Tools menu of the Dolby Axon desktop client to change your password. To retrieve a lost password, click on the "Retrieve Lost Password" link in the Sign In dialog.

How do I create a new account for Dolby Axon?

New accounts for Dolby Axon can be created via a link in the desktop client. Download the Dolby Axon desktop client from and install it on your computer. Then launch the client and click the sign in button. You will be prompted to either sign in or create a new account.

I have a headset that features Dolby Headphone technology. What are the optimal settings for compatibility with the Dolby Axon desktop client?

Congrats on purchasing a great headset! Your headset features the same Dolby Headphone technology that is also built into the Dolby Axon desktop client. If you are a Dolby Axon Surround Pass subscriber you should set your Audio Options to 5.1 Surround Sound for the best results. By allowing your headset to perform the Dolby Headphone processing you will get surround sound for both game sound and Dolby Axon voice chat.

You can find the settings in the Dolby Axon desktop client by going to Options in the Tools menu. Then click on the Audio Options tab and change the Output Format to 5.1 Surround Sound.

I see that the Dolby Axon desktop client is now free. What about the $20 I paid for my active subscription?

We have decided to refund all users with active Surround Pass subscriptions. You should be receiving a refund within approximately 14 days from May 19th 2011. The refund will appear on the same credit card that you used to pay for your Dolby Axon Surround Pass subscription. If you have a question or need help please email

Is there a Mac version of the Dolby Axon desktop client?

There sure is! We launched our Mac version on May 19th 2011. Visit to grab it.


Why does my voice sound so bad on Windows 10?

Dolby Axon performs sofisticated audio processing on the audio captured from the microphone, but sometimes Windows (or other software) can modify or pre-process the audio before it is being handed to Dolby Axon. This can result in poor quality or distorted voice recording. This has been seen to happen more often to Windows 10 users in particular, and the solution has been to disable Windows 10's microphone enhancements. You can do this by going to Control Panel - Sound - Recording - Microphone - Properties - Enhancements, and ticking the Disable all enhancements checkbox.

I have just installed Axon on my Windows PC and it is crashing. What is wrong?

If you are experiencing crashes, make sure you keep your Windows, antivirus, and audio drivers all up to date. In many cases we have received reports of crashes that in the end are due to out-of-date software, or other configuration issues.

I have just installed Axon on my Mac and it won't run. What is wrong?

Keep in mind that the current version of Axon is designed to work Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and above.

I try to sign in but it says "Could not contact server".

In the vast majority of the cases, a simple configuration problem is the cause of connectivity issues. Here is a list of things to try:

  • Try running Axon with administrator rights. One way of doing this is right-clicking on the Axon icon, click "Run as Administrator", or "Run as" and then select a user with administrator rights. This seems to fix the problem in some cases.
  • Do you have other PCs/Macs where you can install and test Axon? It would be a good test to see whether or not the problem is in your computer.
  • Try temporarily disabling antivirus and/or other internet security related software to see if the problem is coming from those. If you find that's the case, you should be able to add an exception rule so Axon can work.
  • It is possible that your router is blocking the UDP protocol that Axon uses. If you know your way around your router settings, you can explicitly tell it to open a UDP port number, and then in Axon, you can go to Tools->Options->Network, and specify that port number in the "Specify port for in-bound traffic" field.
  • Sometimes re-installing Axon can help. One of the steps of the installation is to add Axon to the list of allowed apps in the Windows Firewall. To further ensure a problems-free install, run the installer as administrator.
  • Another thing worth trying is, making sure no other network-intensive programs are running while using Axon, for example torrents, video/audio streaming, etc.
  • Is your computer is connected on two different network devices, perhaps a wifi and an ethernet cable, two wifi connections, or two ethernet connections? If so, this will cause problems with Dolby Axon. We are working on this particular issue but in the meantime I would recommend you ensure you only access the internet through one network interface.
  • Often it's a temporary internet glitch in your connection, or even somewhere in between your computer and our servers. If it was working before, and then stopped, chances are this might be the case.

Dolby Axon's overlays don't seem to work on game 'X'.

Our overlays now support DirectX 9, 10 and 11, but only on 32-bit games. Additionally, different games have different ways of rendering their graphics, which results in some games not showing our overlays. You are welcome to drop us an email whenever you find overlays don't work with a specific game, so we can look into and potentially fix it.

How do I find the IP-address and port of a chat I have created in Dolby Axon to invite my friends?

In Dolby Axon you don't need the IP-address and port of a chat to invite your friends. Just add your friends as friends in Axon (Users->Add Friends... ) and drag them in to your chat window.

How do I test my headset or speakers?

First go to the Tools->Options menu and select the Audio Options tab. Then make sure that the right audio output device is selected. You can then test your configuration by going to the Audio Controls tab (also in the Tools->Options menu) and using the Test Output button. You should hear a voice when using this Test Output button.

How do I test my microphone?

First go to the Tools->Options menu and select the Audio Options tab. Then make sure that the right audio input device is selected. You can then test your configuration by going to the Audio Controls tab (also in the Tools->Options menu) and using the Test Microphone button. Speak into your microphone after pushing the Test Microphone button and you should then hear what you said played back through your headset or speakers.

I can't hear some people in my voice chat even though they are speaking.

If you can't hear other people, the most likely problem is that you have muted them or that they are in a different room. Also make sure that your output is working by using the output test in Tools->Audio Controls.

I can't open a voice chat.

To invite someone to a voice chat they need to be added as your friend and they need to have authorized the request.

I can't see the 'Remember this account' and 'Sign in automatically when client starts' tick boxes on the Sign in window.

The problem is most likely the DPI setting for your display in Windows. Right click on the desktop and go to Properties->Settings->Advanced. Now change the DPI setting to normal. This might require restart of the client or Windows.

I don't hear any sound in my headset.

First go to the Tools->Options menu and select the Audio Options tab. Then make sure that the right audio output device is selected. You can then test your configuration by going to the Audio Controls tab (also in the Tools->Options menu) and using the Test Output button. You should hear a voice when using this Test Output button. If you still do not hear anything, check the volume of the output device and make sure that it is not muted. If you still can't hear anything, please make a report (Help->Report Error) and tell us what model of output device you have and that you can't hear anything.

I hear a loud echo over my headset while listening to other Axon users.

When using Axon on Windows XP: The Wave Out Mix or Mono Out options under Recording Control may have been selected.

Make sure that the Recording Control option for Microphone is selected (check box = checked) as located in Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Device Properties / Sound Recording / Advanced.

I hear people on my speakers instead of my headset

In Tools->Audio Options you can change what input and output device the Axon Premium Client is using. Click Apply and then click Test Output in Audio Controls to verify that the audio comes from the desired device.

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